Madeleine Mason Roantree


Quick Summary

academic background

  • Prof. Doc. Counselling Psychology
    • herunder MSc in Applied Psychological Therapies
  • MSc Occupational Psychology
  • BSc Psychology
  • Dip. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Cert. Applied Positive Psychology

professional background

Previous work includes teaching applied therapy at doctorate level, psychiatric ward experience, facilitating leadership development training, designing workplace wellbeing, training and development, psychosexual therapy and (university) student psychological services.


Who is Dr. Roantree?

Madeleine originally completed her studies in Occupational Therapy, specialising in general mental health in 2001. She has since received extensive training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), before furthering her studies in psychology (Cert.,BSc, MSc, Prof. Doc). Dr. Roantree has always had a passion for understanding mental health and optimised wellbeing. Her current work within a specialised complex mental health service in the NHS is a continuation of this work.

From her days working as an OT in mental health, a marriage, child and divorce later, she also found a niche-interest in dating and relationships. She inadvertently began coaching singles into relationships, when attended networking events related to her job search, and realised that there was a need for such help. This lead her to co-found PassionSmiths in 2013; a company that offered professional coaching and counselling to people who struggled with either dating or relationships.

Her undergraduate dissertation in  psychology at UCL on social intelligence, published in the psychological journal Personality & Individual Differences, and her psychology Masters thesis on ego strength and resilience, became her professional springboard into love relationships. And more recently researching commitment phobia, as part of her doctorate in counselling psychology, cemented her passion for dating and relationship coaching. PassionSmiths was then taken over by the international award-winning introduction agency The Vida Consultancy, where she is lead psychologist in the coaching division.

Madeleine has worked with many different singles, from 20-somethings to 65+.  From never-in-a-relationship to just-come-out -of-a-20-year-marriage. She has coached people into successful relationships (including marriage) and helped people out of toxic relationships, including bringing couples en route to divorce back together again. Indeed, taking her own medicine in 2016, she found and married the man of her dreams.

She states, “I am now proud to be heading up the dating coaching division at The Vida Consultancy, as Director of Relationship Psychology Services, as well as being part of the psychology community within the NHS that helps people overcome psychological distress and empowers them to thrive rather than survive.”

If you feel you need help and would like to work with her, please get in touch and see whether there is a good fit. It is important that you feel comfortable working with her, and indeed that she feels that she is the right person to help you. Please get in touch for a 10 minute (free) consultation.

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