Dating Coach & Relationship Expert

Dr. Madeleine Mason Roantree is a chartered psychologist specialising in dating and relationships, and general mental health.

She works in a complex mental service in the NHS, as a CBT therapist at the UCL student psychological services and as a date coach at The Vida Consultancy. Here she coaches singles into meeting their life partner and counsels couples into fixing and improving their relationships. She specialises in helping people increase their self-confidence, overcome psychological difficulties such as stress, emotional overwhelm, anxiety and depression.

If you are seeking date coaching or want to have Your Dating Blueprint sorted, simply book (and pay) for sessions in her diary. See the links below. Otherwise drop her line for a free consultation on how she can help you.


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Mental wellbeing is something most of us strive to achieve. I work with people who want to achieve a better mental health and in turn better general health. Whether it be depression, anxiety, stress, emotional overwhelm, trauma or OCD that is getting in the way of living life to the fullest, I help people overcome mental health difficulties via video therapy.

If you would like to work with me, drop me an email with your contact details so we can arrange a time for a complimentary consultation call.


Dating and Relationships can be hugely confusing. I help people navigate any stage of the relationship process, whether that figure out where to start the journey of finding a partner, to setting up an optimised online dating profile, how to convert chatting into dates, dates into more and how to talk exclusivity and how to navigate the tricky stages of a long term relationship. I work with couples to find their way back to each other, overcome difficult conversations and break unhelpful relational patterns. I also cover psychosexual questions that may be hindering people in their love lives.


About The Vida Consultancy

Specialising in personal introductions to truly remarkable people, The Vida Consultancy’s exclusive matchmaking service is designed to help you find your life partner, someone compatible not only physically, but who also shares your life goals and deepest-held values. Working with your own personal matchmaker enables you to continue dealing with your busy work schedule and personal commitments, whilst we take over the time-consuming process of searching for, and assessing, potential partners.  Head over to the main website here

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