My answers to typical questions...

How do you see clients?

I only see clients via video, usually via Whatsapp Video, but can also use Zoom, Skype or Facetime.

What’s your cancellation policy?

If you notify me 48 before your session, you will get a full refund or option to postpone your session.

How does payment work?

Due to high demand on my time and in order to secure their time slot, clients pay for their sessions within 24 hours of booking. Payment is by bank transfer. You will be emailed details booking, including timings and bank details. There is also the option to book and pay online through my calendar. Head over to the contact page to access my calendar.

How much do your sessions cost?

A single 50 minute therapy session is £150 for individuals, £200 for couples and £180 for date coaching.

PR is £1,500 pr day, hours pro rata available.

Whats the difference between therapy and date coaching? And how long would I need to see you for?

Therapy is a long term engagement. For best results I would recommend a commitment starting from 3 months of weekly therapy. Depending on what the goal of therapy is, a year to 2 years might be a good starting point. You may experience a need for 'cycles of care', where other issues or difficulties arise and the therapy adapts to these. It is not uncommon to have several 'cycles of care', where for example you may see a therapist for a concern, and after a year or more return to therapy as something else arises. For those whose struggles started already in early childhood, it may take a few years to reverse those early unhelpful imprints.

Date coaching is a specialised short term intervention. For example, I run an 8 week online dating bootcamp, and for each person that has adhered to the exercises, they have been in a position where they have met someone and wanted to see whether there is a relationship worth perusing - after only 8 weeks of focused online dating. That said, I tailor my availability to that of my clients journey. Sessions are more ad hoc and have a 'just in time' element (unlike therapy which is more frequent and long-term).

What topics do you cover?

I cover many topics, but the most common are: Relationship and Dating issues, including attachment problems, Depression, Anxiety, Panic, Low self-esteem, Stress, Psychosexual issues, OCD, Trauma,

Can I talk to you first before deciding on whether to use your services?

Of course! I cannot work with everybody, and to ensure the best fit, I prefer to speak to everyone I work with before we meet. I offer a 10 minute free consultation for this.

What professional validation do you have?

I am accredited by the Health Care Profession Council (HCPC). I am a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) with indemnity insurance at Howden. I abide by BPS and HCPS ethical standards, ensuring client wellbeing, confidentiality and data protection.